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A cloud-based marketplace trading platform

As a market leader catering to global audiences, our client required a seamless and efficient trading process. However, the legacy ERP they had in place could not deliver an optimal trading experience.

Our solution for a cloud-based marketplace trading platform

101 Digital came on board to deliver a solution that would eliminate the challenges of a legacy ERP. We designed and implemented a cloud-based marketplace platform that operates across the APAC region.

The platform was instrumental in simplifying the complete trading experience. Inquiries, quotations, order placement, and receipt of goods are now trackable via a single dashboard with real-time notifications.


Order processing time reduced from weeks to days


A streamlined trading experience


Zero downtime for platform layout

An SME Neobank from the ground up

Neo banks are revolutionizing the fintech ecosystem and many traditional banks have started to launch their own neo banks. One of Europe’s largest banks was looking to expand their portfolio through an SME focused neo bank.

Our solution for an SME Neobank

The team was looking for a partner that had technical and domain expertise. Through a close collaboration, we were able to design and build a SME focused lending platform in just six months. 101 Digital helped the bank move from concept to product and build out seamless digital customer journeys covering customer identification and KYC, credit scoring and affordability assessments, contract establishment and more.


Go to market in 6 months


An end-to-end Neo Bank offering


A secure customer experience


The products that make it happen

Our products have led the way in helping customers get to market faster than ever before.


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